Clinton school area package theft: Did you mail order a book on model trains and it never arrived?
  • Clinton School area of Maplewood. I am posting in virtual cafe for a larger audience.

    I found a package torn open, no address visible, and about 10 feet away I found a book on model trains which I am assuming came out of the discarded package. It looks like someone stole a package, opened it, and decided they didn't want it and tossed it.

    If this is yours PM me with the name of the book and I will arrange to get it back to you. I'm hoping to find the owner, but the shipping label is gone.
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  • Usually the shipper will replace the package at no charge... but this is still nice of you to post.
  • Is the name of the shipper visible? I was wondering if you could contact them to find who the package had been sent to (if they would give that info out). Might be worth a try if the owner doesn't look at MOL (hard as that is to imagine, right? ;-) )
  • It was packaged in an inside out USPS box, which leads me to believe that someone reused previous packaging to send it and then put a label on the outside. The label and any carrier information was missing. I hope the way I explained it makes sense.
  • Yes, it does. Too bad - I was hoping for another possible way of tracing the person the book belongs to.
  • Can you identify the company that was used to deliver the package: USPS, UPS, FED EX, etc.? If a package was stolen, presumably after delivery, they should be alerted. Enough alerts and they may improve on their delivery procedures and/or conduct an investigation.
  • Can you identify the company that was used to deliver the package: USPS, UPS, FED EX, etc.?

    No. All identifying information from the outside of the package is missing.
  • Another idea - maybe put a note up in the Maplewood Hobby Shop on Springfield Avenue about having found the book? It's possible a hobbyist might go there for supplies, or that someone who does frequent that shop might know of people interested in model trains and mention it to them. I think there used to be a store in Millburn specifically for model trains, but I think they are not there any more.
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  • If you are talking about the train store on Main Street next to Taylor park, that one is long gone. My husband is frequently at the Maplewood Hobby Shop, but it seems that he is one of the few model train people in this area, or so we thought. Maplewood Hobby does have model train stuff, but it seems to have taken a major back seat to the other stuff they do. I'll tell him to put a note up the next time he goes there. He's hoping I can find the rightful owner just so he can have another model train enthusiast to talk to.
  • There's a model train enthuisasts group that meets in Union. There is a permanent sign on route 22 westbound near Checkers, directing you to the group's meeting place. If someone can find out the correct group name , maybe try contacting them?
  • I walked by the area where I found the book and the packaging again while it was light out hoping to find the wrapping on the package that might have an address or other shipping information. I found nothing. I just feel bad because I know someone is expecting to receive a book and it will never show.
  • Annoying, especially as it seems its not an Amazon type shipment but rather a personal (ebay?) one. You've done more than most people would have... here's the contact info for the Union model train club:Phone:(908) 964-9724

    Good luck!

  • Have you thought of putting notices up on trees in your neigborhood like the 'lost cat' posters people put up? Maybe you'll find the owner that way. Likely the person won't live very far. I live in the greater Clinton neighborhood as well and found a parcel on my driveway a month ago, fortunately with the address label still on it. The owner was less than a block away and happy to be reunited with it.


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