Found: Orange male cat
  • My family found a male (not fixed) orange cat at Reservoir pizzeria on South Orange Ave last night. He is wearing a tick/flea collar and is very friendly (even let us carry him without scratching). He was starving (or so he said) and it looks like he's been out for a couple weeks at least - very clean but showing signs of hunger around the middle.

    I will post pictures once the lighting improves in the room where we are keeping him.

    Anyone missing a cat? Know of someone missing a cat?
  • It's unlikely that this is the cat, as this one is neutered, but I figured I might as well post this notice from Craigslist anyway: Lyndhurst, where this cat was lost, is miles from here, but I think a cat could make the trip.
  • If you're on Facebook, it would be good to post a photo of the cat on this page: There are also a couple of missing orange cats posted on the page.
  • Thank you, Elle Cee. I'll add pictures to Facebook, too.

    Here are a few shots of this little orange guy. I know they're almost impossible to identify from photos....
  • @springtimepearl, I know that cat. I live in Church Street and he is always around. I feel he belongs to someone around there, but don't know if he does. We call him Mr. Jingles and yes, he is very friendly, but malnourished.

    If you look at my message history, I posted a thread about him about a year ago. He is a beautiful tabby, but it is a shame that his owners don't care enough. I really wanted to bring him to a shelter so he could find a good home, but was afraid they would put him to sleep. I myself have two cats and cannot take him in (my cats are mother/daughter and everytime the daughter sees Mr. Jingles at the window, she hisses. Cats are very territorial).

    Honestly, I don't know if you are looking for a pet, but I would consider keeping him, getting him fixed and giving him a loving home. He deserves it.
  • Also, @springtimepearl, if you would like to exchange numbers and speak, let me know if you would like me to private message you my cell. I love this little guy and want to best for him; like I said he has been coming around for a good almost 2 years (theres a better pic on my old thread of him from March, 2012). Especially with the winter coming up and the loss of care his current owner (if he has one), I'd love for this guy to finally have a home.
  • what is happening with kitty?
  • Sadly, I learned from his caregiver that this beautiful boy passed away in his bed. He had been fed, was warm and comfortable in his last days. May he rest in peace.
  • oh no! I will light a candle for him.
  • i will be post an "in memorium" to him, as well as a note to his "real owners" in there as well. i knew him from around and was speaking with @springtimepearl about his progress and offering to help find him a new home if needed.


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