Wild Ginger Thai restaurant
  • A nice surprise on Sat night--the new Thai place is open on Maplewood ave! We had a great meal there--friendly service, delicious food, and nice atmosphere. Try it out--especially the Vietnamese rolls and the Thai ice tea--so refreshing on a hot summer day. :)
  • Please remind me which spot it took over? Thanks.
  • Luke's Kitchen, next to Crane's.
  • Luke's Kitchen closed? Didn't that place get good reviews? It was my impression it was usually booked up.

  • I had been anxiously awaiting the new Thai restaurant opening as I love Thai food. However, it was very disappointing. It was unlike any Thai food I've ever eaten and I've had Thai food all over world. The dishes that we ordered seem to have been prepared using the exact same ingredients, and the flavors were not as described on the menu. Case in point, the Tom Kha soup. I've had this soup in many, many places and I have no idea what they served me at Wild Ginger, but it was not Tom Kha soup, likewise with the Chicken Masaman Curry.
  • mbaldwin said:

    Luke's Kitchen closed? Didn't that place get good reviews? It was my impression it was usually booked up.


    I don't know, and all of that may be true, but it doesn't necessarily mean profits sufficient to sustain the business.
  • In Patch article they say owner a familiar face. Where was she before?
  • Ate there last night. The food was excellent. Can't wait to go back.
  • ess said:

    Ate there last night. The food was excellent. Can't wait to go back.

    Ordered in - same take.

  • Nice Patch article btw Lauren.
  • Thank you, ricardus2!
  • The owner does look familiar. Did she work at another local restaurant?
  • It was GREAT!!! I had the Green Curry with Chicken and it was sublime!! I also had the Pineapple rice and you can never have too much of that. We also had the Roti Canai and that was delicious. I was not a fan of Thai tea, but then again sweet tea is not my thing. I recommend this place to anyone who likes the healthy, spicy and light flavors of Thai foods.
  • Do they have fish cakes and are they served with a generous helping of spicy peanut sauce? Yes, this is the test.
  • We had the green curry with chicken, pad thai and coconut chicken for takeout last night. All delicious and the menu has a lot of other enticing dishes we are anxious to try.
  • I haven't tried it yet, but I can tell you that when I peeked in the door, I recognized the woman behind the desk as someone that I used to always see working at Mt. Fuji.
  • I vaguely remember hearing a while back that Mt Fiji is was going to open this place.
  • Same Owners at Mt. Fuji across the street.
  • Yes it's BYO..Had lunch there today and it was very good, so happy to have Thai in our town.
  • Very good Tamarind Duck (an old favorite) and excellent chicken with green curry. A nice addition to town and really happy to have a Thai restuarant in the Village.

  • I can't wait to try it. Drove past and the atmosphere looked pretty and serene. The Village is looking REALLY good.
  • We ordered from there last night. The food was good, not quite great. It could have been spicier. They were friendly and prices were reasonable. A worthy addition to the village.
  • Pad Thai was way too salty. Also No.Sticky. Rice. What's up with that? That's why we go to Thai food. Owners...hear me! :) However, the ambiance was lovely (dark wood, etc) and it was very child-friendly, seemingly. Portion sizes were good and the grilled shrimp salad was delicious! :) 2 adults, 3 children ate a light dinner (salad, shrimp pad thai, tofu pad thai) for $40 including tip. We will definitely return without children to sample some of the more spicy meats, etc.
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  • mplwdlvr said:

    Also No.Sticky. Rice.

    You've given yourself away to your Facebook friends. :-)

  • I got take out from there two nights ago. I thought the food was very healthy in its preparation. I agree about the spices. They were a little on the conservative side, don't be affraid to take it up a notch.

    I also found the food didn't taste very original though. Was too similar to a Chinese take-out shop with a Thai twist. Wasn't quite as good as Khun Thai in Millburn.

    For those that are planning on going this weekend- I walked by there this moring and noticed a sign on the door that said they will be closed Friday-Sunday for further renovations.
  • My wife and I tried it last night. I thought the atmosphere was great and my food was awesome (spicy Shrimp and vegetables). My wife who, god love her, is a Thai food snob said it wasn't authentic Thai and more like Chinese food and was somewhat disapppointed. She plans to stick with Morris Thai but we both agree it is awesome that Maplewood has yet another food choice.

    NOTE TO VEGETARIANS: My wife is one and has been so for 20+ years. Keep in mind that a lot of the sauces are pre-made and chicken based so their isn't alot of selections for vegetarians. We learned this last night from the owner last night.
  • bummer about the sauces :(
  • are they open tonight? (7/24, Sunday) don't seem to have a web site

    (never mind -- just saw the post above! thanks!)
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  • Peteglider, they are not open tonight. We ate at Coda and stopped by to check out the menu. Sign on the door said they were closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday( today) because of the excessive heat. Out of consideration for here employees. Grabbed a menu from the box outside and look forward to trying it soon.
  • We went by there at around 6 and the sign said something to the effect that they were closed due to the extreme heat and concern for the well-being of their staff and customers. I assume they have AC, right? Maybe they lost a bunch of edible inventory with the power outage.

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