Is it necessary to put a cap over the teeth after root canal?
  • Hi Doctors,
    I am undergoing root canal operation for two of my teeth's since yesterday. Once i complete that, doctor is telling that i will not be having pain anymore. But for safety purpose, he is asking me to put a cap (duplicate teeth) over that which is costing around Rs.3800 INR for one teeth and Rs.2000 INR for root canal for one teeth. Is it necessary to put a cap over the teeth after root canal ? is the duplicate teeth this much expensive ? somebody is telling that it is not necessary to put a cap after root canal. Kindly suggest me what should i do please.
  • Quite often the tooth is weakened by the drilling that is necessary. When I've had a couple of these procedures, the tooth was pretty much destroyed and a crown was necessary.

    On an interesting note, I'm going in today to have a root canal redone on a tooth that was done 20 years ago. So they have to drill through the crown and then put a filling in the crown.
  • My first root canal and crown was done in 1962. Dentist (Haimoff) predicted it would last 20 years and need to be replaced.

    It, and the others he did are still holding firm.

    I suspect you can get along without the crown for a few years but when the teeth weaken, it will be more difficult and expensive to replace them.
  • I had a root canal and did not put a cap on the tooth. The tooth weakened and when I finally had to cap it, I had to have gum surgery in order to find enough healthy tooth to anchor the cap. My dentist told me that the most malpractice claims against dentists are filed by those whose root canals were not capped. True or not, I don't know, but he was emphatic about it.
  • If you don't get a cap the tooth will crack from it weakening then it will need to come out!
  • India is a long way to go for a root canal.
  • I didn't think it was an option. I had three root canals in the last 18 months....3 caps. I wouldn't chance it.
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  • Yep, cap the tooth. Not inexpensive but far less expensive than implants
  • Dear Toothless Troller,
    This was asked and answered two years ago.

  • I had a root canal done back in January that turned out to be "unsuccessful". The endodontist said he would "try" again free of charge. I would much rather go to another endodontist but I need someone very skilled because it is a complex case. Any suggestions for someone who might be a cut ( no pun intended) above the rest?
  • I was wondering why the prices were quoted in Rupees! :-?
  • I've had a number of root canals over the years, done by various dentists in different locations, and they've always put a cap or crown over the tooth afterwards. Once they remove the nerve, the tooth is technically dead and will weaken. Now, some teeth have two or occasionally three canals for nerves, so perhaps those can manage for a while without an immediate crown. I agree, crowns are ridiculously expensive. For some reason, crowns and implants are considered "cosmetic" dentistry, even when they aren't.
  • Mema

    See Carol Mann, in South Orange. She did a very complicated root canal for me, and also did one for my husband. She's excellent.
  • Love Dr. Mann!!!!
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  • dave said:

    Dear Toothless Troller,
    This was asked and answered two years ago.

    What a strange bit of trolling! Why would someone do this?
  • Dr. Mann is terrific!
  • Wow! Thank you so much for your input. I will definitely make an appointment to see Dr. Mann.
  • I know the OP is gone, and it was likely a fake question, but I'll put in my $0.02 anyway (how much does that work out to in INR?)

    I had a root canal on a molar back in 2005. My dentist wanted to wait a year before capping. I don't remember the exact reason but I think it was either to see how the tooth did, or let everything heal first, or something like that. Being the wuss that I am complicated by the fact that my dentist didn't take my fear seriously, I never went back for the cap. My dentist is now retired. The tooth is still fine, but who knows how long it will stay that way. I wouldn't recommend not getting the cap.
  • I neglected to crown the tooth due to financial reasons in my twenties. It was fine for almost 20 years and then the damn thing shattered, got infected, and died. I don't recommend that to anyone. Even a troll.
  • Trolls are humans too...Trolls feel pain...

    Be human and help a troll
  • You need a post & crown. The tooth weakens and if it splits you will need an implant. Believe me I know. Usually when you have a root canal they pretty much weaken and destroy the tooth. suggested a cap so I got one. Another I decided not to. I am getting an implant now, the whole tooth cracked just about down to the root. Getting that tooth out was not easy. You should see if you can get any kind of dental plan to offset any of the costs. Some participate in Horizon BCBS of NJ, as it negotiates a fee. The insurance pays nothing but the fee is more reasonable. I believe the number is 1-800-4-dental.
    You can check if the dentist or his dental company takes it. I know a friend of mine joined just in time the dentist said he did not take any insurance but when I looked the name of the dental group did and he joined and saved a good percentage. Good Luck!
  • Rs. 5800 INR = $106 for complete root canal and crown

    It would be cheaper to fly there and have the work done. I think I feel a vacation in my future.
  • Got it, I was thinking it was a dental code. I have those moments, makes sense now. With what I just spent, I feel a vacation coming in my future also. Thanks Debby.
    I am just too scared to go to dentists I do not know and than in another country.
  • It was in jest. I would never leave Dr. Moskow, in Boynton Beach. I told him he should have been an obstetrician.
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  • A lot of people go to Mexico for their dental work. Quite an industry along the border. Good quality work, too.
  • And in Europe they go to Hungary LOL
  • I need to stop going on MOL. A thread starts on Jury duty and I get a notice. A thread starts on root canal and I just got back from one. Thankfully my insurance is covering over half and I am getting away with just under 1K. My sister in Canada says it is a lot cheaper there and they are good there too. I am sure not as cheap as Mexico. Between the implant and crowns in the last 6 months spent about 8 to 9K easily on my teeth.
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    Don't open the buried oil tank thread, whatever you do!

    I was just going to say that!
  • great minds, etc. :)
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  • Don't open the thread, 'what to do when a tree falls on your house' ;-)
  • Not capping after a root canal is the equivalent of driving on your rims after a flat tire.

    Cap it.
  • Don't open the thread, 'what to do when a tree falls on your house' ;-)

    Oh, you are just sooooooooo funny today, aren't ya? :-)

  • bikefixed said:

    Don't open the thread, 'what to do when a tree falls on your house' ;-)

    Oh, you are just sooooooooo funny today, aren't ya? :-)

    LOL! I had to find a way to amuse myself, I've been buried in boring busy season projects. :-D


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